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2008-08-06 14:59:58 by GuitarHeroLOR

Yiff in hell!


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2008-10-19 06:28:20

Right back at ya!


2009-05-05 21:45:15

fuck you

(Just recently saw your comment on my audio review)

So anyway fuck you right back at yea!



2009-07-31 00:19:21

You sir, nothing personal, but are no more than an idiotic baboon who has noting better to do then made incomprehensibly stupid remarks about a group of people you probably have never even met. Where as we can say all sorts of facts, all you can do is sit on your rickety little bandwagon of prejudice, and yell about 2 or 3 rude comments, then slide back into the shadows like the smokey little demon you are. If you are so inclined of us "furries" meeting our demise through religious reasons, then since you are pointing out a single group of people and finding it fun to insult them, and fight them, and agitate them, then would that not make YOU the one going to hell? I do believe your primitive, extremely biased logic is no longer useful in this world! I suggest you remove yourself from it!